Vida e obra de um socialista francês

Junho 10, 2010

I alone have confounded twenty centuries of political imbecility; and it is to me alone that present and future generations will look for the origin of their immense happiness.

E eis que, entre Ricardo e Stuart Mill, surge em cena Charles Fourier:

«Born in 1772, the son of a tradesman of Besançon, he spent his days as an unsuccessful commercial traveler. In a sense he did nothing, not even marry. His passions were two: flowers and cats. It is only at the end of his life that he is appealing, for he spent his last years punctually sitting at advertised hours in his small room awaiting the visit of some great capitalist who would offer to finance his schemes to do over the world. (…) But no one ever came.

Fourrier, to be polite, was an eccentric; to be accurate, he was probably off his rocker. His world was a fantasy: the earth, he believed, had been given a life of eighty thousand years; forty thousand of ascending vibrations and the same number of descending. In between (never mind the arithmetic) lay eight thousand years of Apogée du Bonheur. We lived in the fifth of eight stages of advancement, having pushed through Confusion, Savagery, Patriarchism, ad Barbarousness. Ahead lay Guaranteeism (not a bad bit of insight), and then the upward slope of Harmony. After we reached utter bliss, however, the seesaw would tip and we would work our way right back down through all the stages to the beginning.

But as we worked our way ever deep into Harmony, things would really begin to pop: a Northern Crown would encircle the Pole, shedding gentle dew; the sea would become lemonade; six new moons would replace the old solitary satellite; and new species would emerge, better suited to Harmony: an antilion, a docile and most serviceable beast; an antiwhale, which could be harnessed to ships; an antibear; antibugs; and antirats. We would live to be one hundred and forty-four years old, of which one hundred and twenty years would be spent in the unrestricted pursuit of sexual love.» (continua…)

The Wordly Philosophers, Robert Heilbroner


O vídeo não está minimamente relacionado com o excerto de cima. Acho eu.


2 Responses to “Vida e obra de um socialista francês”

  1. Tomás Says:

    Se é pa ser sonhador é pa sonhar em grande eheh 120 anos à procura de sexual love loool

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